Our Story…

For those of you who might remember Andy and I dated for a while the early 1990’s, it didn’t quite work out back then but for many years after we remained good friends before life moved on and we lost touch. 

Now call it divine intervention or planet alignment (facebook!) we got back in touch and spent a couple of years just liking each others statuses and being friends again, which we both agreed was pretty cool, occasionally we would meet up for a beer and a good gossip!  It wasn’t until one cold December evening back in 2011 that all changed, we met up for a Christmas drink and haven’t looked back since!

Andy had recently moved in to a house which he decided needed lots of work, not wanting to wait he began to strip the place bare, being an environmentally friendly chap opting for solar power for heating and water, that first weekend I went to visit expecting a romantic dinner soft mood lighting and music I was greeted by sub zero temperatures and something that represented more of a squat than a home; there were no curtains on the windows, and the only room that was habitable was the bedroom with a mattress on the floor, a small blow heater and a TV resting on a tool box – there wasn’t even a door on the toilet! But none of that really mattered, we both love camping and it was a great adventure, each weekend I arrived more and more had been done and it became a great place to just hang out and relax in.

Over the last 4 years we have had plenty of fun, in May 2014 we went to Spain with my whole family it was my little sisters wedding and we’d hired a villa to stay in all together.  Obviously weddings were a hot topic and one afternoon my 2 big sisters bullied poor Andy, full of red Spanish wine and the heat he really didn’t stand a chance – by that evening in principle the date was set.

As soon as we were back Andy set about making sure it was all done correctly, taking out my dad for the traditional conversation before making it official in July 2014.  Now Andy isn’t known for his romance but I am glad to say he can pull it out the bag when required.  It started out as a usual date night only he took me back to the same place we went for that Christmas drink, where he presented me with my change from the round and my gorgeous engagement ring, how could I possibly refuse!!

Having met Katrina when we were teenagers it has taken more than 20 years to convince her how great I am.  And now that she has finally caved in and agreed to make me a very happy man, I get to spend the rest of my life with the most beautiful and loving  soul mate and princess.